Wyspa Krwi

Jak informuje FFG do sprzedaży na RPGNow i DriveThru trafiła w pdfie przygoda Dead Stars, trzecia część epickiej kampanii The Haarlock’s Legacy.

Poza tym ekipa bloga Bell of the Lost Souls wychwyciła zapowiedź zestawu startowego do ósmej edycji WFB która się wymknęła Games Workshop. Oto ona:

Enter, if you dare, the Warhammer world; it is a strange and dangerous realm, riven with battle, bloodshed and slaughter, twisted beyond sanity by the warping power of Chaos.

The Island of Blood is the new boxed game for Warhammer and is released this September. Packed full of stunning plastic Citadel miniatures and containing all the rules, dice and templates you’ll need to play, it’s the essential purchase for fans of the Warhammer hobby. Meanwhile, if you like the Battle for Skull Pass boxed game (and who wouldn’t with all those Goblins and Dwarfs Dwarfs) then it only seems fair to point out that once the last few remaining copies are they’re gone, and they’re never coming back! Pick one up while they last.

In August we’ll be featuring more information about The Island of Blood here on the website and the full details will be released in September’s White Dwarf, so keep your eyes peeled.



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